Sthri is a celebration of womanhood Woven with love, Draped with confidence, and Highlighted with identity. We at Sthri worship every woman by ornamenting her with our premium clothing range specially made with Care, designed with Passion, and fabricated with our great Craftsmanship.We at Sthri present a contemporary and bold reinvention of Craft and Textiles with an extraordinary assemblage of Embroidery, Prints, and Fabric Techniques to create a Unique Collection that speaks for the Brand Aesthetics and creates an Inter-personal relationship with the wearer. Following an extensive design process, every designer of the team is deeply involved in Every step of Garment Creative to ensure the best of Quality and ensure Creative Intervention and Indigenous Authenticity rooting us back to our Traditional outlook. We also ensure Sustainable use of resources and material handling to move ahead with a Positive Impact on Society.Our collection is a tribute to all the women, as they are the ones creating life. Not just a Couture Label, Sthri in every Women’s Wishful fantasy of Exceptional Clothing.





Being Sthri is an initiative to not only Dress women in Luxury but to dress everyone who cannot afford it. We have designed a range of classical Kurta, Kurtis, Dresses and Gown in pure Fabrics ornamenting it With Button made from Real Gold and Silver. This category aims to fulfil the wishful fantasy of The women of Sthri to wear their Gold and Silver making their outfit both luxurious and auspicious. We at Sthri understand the importance of giving and helping in every way we can and through this initiative we will donate every single penny we generate towards goodness by helping the less privileged ones in any and every way possible. And we believe that more than us it is you who will be responsible for our good deeds.